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Papa Roach
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The formation of the Grammy nominated band Papa Roach began in January 1993, when lead singer Jacoby Shaddix and drummer Dave Buckner met on the Vacaville High School football field during an intense match, where the two ended up talking about music. They were later joined by trombonist Ben Luther and bass guitarist Will James. They decided to enter the school's talent show, where they performed a cover version of Jimi Hendrix's famous song, "Fire". They ultimately didn't win the contest. Later that year, they replaced trombonist Ben Luther with lead guitarist Jerry Horton from nearby Vanden High School. Jerry was introduced to the band through his girlfriend, who was a fan. By this time, Papa Roach was practicing everyday in Dave's garage and trying to secure local gigs. The band's name comes from Shaddix's step-grandfather, Howard William Roatch, who was nicknamed Papa Roach. Roatch committed suicide in 2006. The band pay homage to him with The Paramour Sessions and during live performances of the song "Roses On My Grave".

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