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Cello Fake Book
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This collection is for classical Cellists and presents a broad selection of well-known pieces from the repertoire of classical music, opera, musicals, jazz and tunes from all over the world for all occasions, from solemn ceremonies to happy celebrations. This includes performances as part of public or private ceremonies to mark birthdays, weddings, funerals, anniversaries and jubilee celebrations as well as concerts in schools. The selection ranges from popular classical works such as Bach’s ‘Air’, Mozart’s ‘Little Night Music’ or Schumann’s ‘Reverie’ and well-known operatic melodies through to medleys featuring waltzes, Dixieland or folk songs through to tangos and a few jazz standards. As the second cello part includes symbols for harmonies, it can also be played at will on keyboard, guitar and/or bass. Enjoy your gig! Instrumentation: 1-2 cellos, with chords for guitar/piano ad lib.

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