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ISBN Bass Along - 10 Funk and Soul Music Songs
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Die Bass Along-Serie von Bosworth erfreut sich aufgrund der einfachen schnell erfassbaren Notation und der hohen Qualität der Play Along-Tracks großer Beliebtheit. Die Songs sind jeweils notiert als Leadsheet mit den verschiedenen Songteilen und den entsprechenden Basslinien in Tabulatur. Dadurch lässt sich der Ablauf des jeweiligen Songs wesentlich schneller erfassen und man kann sich ganz auf die Bassparts und aufs Bassspielen konzentrieren - darum geht es ja schließlich. Die Backing Tracks sind von hoher Soundqualität. Auf der CD ist jeder Song als Vollversion mit Gesang und als Play Along-Version ohne Bass enthalten. Der Text ist zweisprachig in Deutsch und Englisch. Dieser Band enthält 10 Funk und Soul Songs von James Brown Tina Turner Bill Withers und anderen.

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Music Sales Really Easy Piano - Ultimate Chart ...
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Featuring 17 of the biggest hits from the current charts, Ultimate Chart Hits is a contemporary-focused addition to the Really Easy Piano series, helping beginners to play their favourite pop chart tunes. The standard of pop songs has been steadily increasing, and right now it's possibly the best it's ever been. With songwriters like Meghan Trainor, John Legend and George Ezra gracing the charts with their catchy hooks and heartfelt lyrics, there couldn't be a better time to learn the best pop hits on the Piano. This collection of perfect pop sheet music will allow you to learn hits like All About That Bass, Rather Be and Stay With Me, as well as the amazing instant classics Shake It Off by Taylor Swift and Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson with Bruno Mars. If you are a beginner pianist who loves the current pop output, Really Easy Piano: Ultimate Chart Hits is the sheet music book for you. The simplified arrangements give you just the most important parts of the songs, with lyrics and chord symbols, too. Not only this, but interesting background information for each song will let you know which ones got to number one, while some really helpful performance hints and tips will let you focus on the difficult bits and nail each and every performance. Whether you love a bit of Ed Sheeran, Tom Odell or Take That, there is something for every pop lover here. If you are a beginning pianist who has a proclivity for pop, then Ultimate Chart Hits is most definitely for you. It's a brilliant collection of that pure pop perfection that we all enjoy on the radio and television every day, all arranged for Easy Piano, enabling anyone to play these great tunes especially if you're a beginner. · ISBN: 978-1783059454 · Instrument: Klavier · Bindung: Softcover · Format: 21,0 x 29,7 cm (DIN A4) · Seitenanzahl: 48 · Sprache: Englisch · Erscheinungsjahr: Notenbuch

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