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Insurgentes is a musical road movie that follows the making of Grammy nominated musician Steven Wilson's solo record of the same name, and is a portrait of an increasingly rare artist who works with music and media out of love and not for fame and fortune, persisting in making art on his own terms in a world where 'throw away' mentality is increasingly becoming the norm. Insurgentes is also abaout music and the album as art form, and applying the same aesthetic vision through the writing, performance, production, artwork, lyrics, videos, and beyond. The film looks into the issues of creating, packaging, and marketing music in an era when iPods, mp3s and download culture are changing and eroding perceptions of exactly what an album is supposed to sound and look like. Through travels to different cultures and continents, we meet with other personalities in the industry and hear different opinions on the current and future state of music. DVD 1: Insurgentes - DVD Cut Harmony Korine video 2 film trailers DVD 2. Bass Communion / Pig live in Mexico City Alternative ending scene CPH: DOX international premiere - footage from post-screening Q+A Session with Steven Wilson and Lasse Hoile

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