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Philips 6000 series 4K Ultra Slim TV powered by...
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Precision engineering meets versatile design. The Philips 6400 TV combines stunning 4K Ultra-HD resolution with brilliant sound quality from its integrated soundbar with woofer. And with Android TV, you'll enjoy more options than ever. Ambilight changes the way you look at TV forever You've created a home that's more than just a house, so why not choose a TV that is warm and inviting too? Philips unique Ambilight technology makes your screen much wider—and your viewing experience more immersive—by emitting an extra wide glow from three-sides of your TV screen onto the surrounding walls. Colour, vibrancy and excitement move beyond the screen and into your living room to bring you a viewing experience beyond the ordinary. Unleash the power of Quad Core and integrated Android Philips Quad Core processor meets the power of Android to deliver an exciting gaming experience. And with Android on your TV you'll navigate, launch apps and play videos in a way that is super fast, super intuitive and super fun. Google Play store and Philips app gallery: look beyond TV The Google Play store and Philips app gallery go beyond traditional TV programming to bring you a big online collection of films, TV, music, apps and games. 16 GB of expandable memory means there's plenty of room to store all your favourite content and to install more apps. Metallic silver open-frame stand with a floating look Incredible design look and feel with our new metallic silver open-frame stand, which looks like it is floating above the surface. We've made this possible by using precision-cut, extra-strong premium steel with a futuristic look and feel. Discover Ultra-HD Picture Quality with Pixel Plus Ultra HD Experience 4K Ultra-HD sharpness with the Philips Pixel Plus Ultra-HD engine. It optimises picture quality to deliver smooth, fluid images with incredible detail and depth. Enjoy sharper 4K images with brighter whites and blacker blacks every time. Experience better contrast, colour and sharpness with HDR Plus High Dynamic Range Plus is a new video standard. It redefines in-home entertainment through advances in contrast and colour. Enjoy a sensory experience that captures the original richness and liveliness, yet accurately reflects the content creator's intent. The end result? Brighter highlights, greater contrast, a broader range of colours and detail like never before. Unleashing a full spectrum of colours beyond your imagination Philips Premium Color combines a wide colour gamut panel enhanced by 85% with 4-trillion-colour processing. With so much more colour resolution and brilliant saturated colours, you'll forget you're looking at a screen at all. Visible sound articulation lets you see the beauty of sound Engineered sound in a slim design. Enjoy incredible highs and lifelike mids from a plethora of micro-drivers in a sleek speaker bar. When you can hear every whisper, step and creak in the floor, it doesn't take much to imagine how powerfully clear every crash, bang and explosion sounds. And when it comes to bass, nothing has been compromised with strategically placed rear speakers for deep, rich tones. It's a TV that sounds as good as it looks. Hear every detail with DTS HD Premium Sound Great TV speakers demand a powerful processing engine that preserves the purity of the original audio content. DTS HD Premium Sound is designed to deliver the experience consumers have come to expect from high-end sound processing: immersive surround with deep, rich bass and crystal-clear dialogue that is delivered at maximum volume levels and without any fluctuations, clipping or distortion.

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