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Bass Drum Groove Control for Drumset, m. Audio-CD
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Bass Drum Groove Control for Drumset, m. Audio-CDUntertitel: Spieltechnik, Koordination und Unabhängigkeit für Rock, Funk, Soul, R&ampB, Fusion, Shuffle etc.Einbandart: NotenblattFormat: 300xx mmISBN-13: 9783933136886Verlag: Alfred Music Publis

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Complete Drumset Method: Beginning Drumset, Boo...
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A comprehensive guide for mastering the drumset. Loaded with descriptions and photos of important techniques, tons of solos and examples to play, effective practice tips for good musical development, and progressive skill-building exercises. The perfect launching pad for a lifetime of great drumming. 96 pages. Beginning Drumset is perfect for beginning drummers, this book starts with an introduction to the parts of the drumset, sticking techniques, snare drum rudiments, accents, dynamics and reading drumset music. Techiniques that develop ideal coordination for playing drumbeats are explained in a fun, step-by-step manner, so that by the end of the book, the student can play drum fills, cymbal crashes, sixteenth-note bass drum beats and dotted eighth-note rhythms. Students, teachers and self-taught players alike will enjoy this thorough, easy-to-use method.

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