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- Bone conduction technology delivers music through your cheekbones, ensuring ears remain completely open to hear ambient sounds- Titanium wraparound headband is lightweight and flexible for durability and portability- OpenFit™ design ensures maximum situational awareness and comfort during long-term wear- PremiumPitch+™ guarantees a premium audio experience, including wide dynamic range and rich bass- Wireless Bluetooth® 4.1 connectivity and convenient multipoint pairing- LeakSlayer™ technology significantly reduces natural sound leakage- IP55 certified to repel sweat, dust and moisture, from workouts to wicked weather- Enjoy six hours of continuous music + calls on a single charge- EQ presets boost bass and reduce vibration on the go- Dual noise canceling microphones exclude surrounding noise, effectively enhancing speech- Audrey Says™ voice prompts guide users through power, pair, play and talk- Hassle-free 2-year warranty

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