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Mixx S3 Bluetooth Speaker & Clock - Pink
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The Mixx S3 wireless Bluetooth speaker is perfect for anyone who wants a speaker that is small in size, sounds great and very practical to use. The S3 is a versatile bedside wireless speaker, clock with alarm and phone charger as well as an ideal travel speaker all in one in unique design. Features: Wireless Bluetooth speaker and Digital Alarm Clock Rechargeable battery with up to 7 hours music play back Built-in phone charging port – Perfect for bedside charging 24-hour Digital Clock Touch to snooze for those extra few minutes. Dual alarm setting options Built-in microphone for hands-free calls Twin speaker design for bass and detail Stream music from up to 30ft/10mtr from any Bluetooth-enabled device such as your smartphone, notebook, tablet, etc. Built-in microphone for hands-free calls Anti Slip Base to reduce surface vibration Designed with two internal 3w speakers - One for bass and the other for vocals and detail Connects using Bluetooth 4.0 to any Bluetooth audio device such as Smartphones, Laptops or Tablets Micro USB charging adaptor and cable for charging included 3.5mm Aux port to connect non Bluetooth devices Additional back up battery option to retain clock time and alarm Compatible with Apple iPod, iPhones, iPad, Android phones or any Tablets and Notebooks with Bluetooth audio support. Box Contains: Mixx S2 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Instructions Manual Standard Micro USB charging cable

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Alive AG Control / Strobe Light 30 cm
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Zwei der besten Produzenten im UK-Bass-Music-Sektor mit zwei Dancefloor-erbebenden Cuts auf Tectonic.nnZwei der besten Produzenten im UK-Bass-Music-Sektor mit zwei Dancefloor-erbebenden Cuts auf Tectonic. The production duo behind the rave-new world sounds of 'Turbo Mitzi' and 'Big Slug (Feat. Riko Dan)' have been busy in the studio recently and return to form with 2 killer cuts designed to shock out the dancefloor. Control picks up the tempo from the duos previous cuts, rolling at 140 beats per minute, in it s apocalyptic form. Powerful pads create the tension before sub-heavy kicks and cybernetic snares come pounding and chopping in, building up the mood before a radioactively charged Reese-bassline emerges, rising to the surface, unleashing its terror. This is a stone-cold banger. Strobe Light returns to the more familiar 128bpm tempo that the pair have previously worked with. Taking a quite unique approach, Strobe Light builds evermore, moving into the light, layering percussion up as an intoxicating drone of swirling strings swells and swells - entrancing and empowering in equal measures. this is a highly versatile DJ tool that also makes for an engrossing listen from start to finish. Refined dancefloor ear candy. TRACKS: A. Control B. Strobe Light

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