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Sage Reynolds
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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Double-bassist and composer Sage Reynolds is highly active on the Montréal music scene performing and writing in a variety of musical styles and contexts. Originally from Ottawa, Ontario, he moved to Montréal in the mid nineties to pursue his studies and make a life for himself as a professional musician. The bulk of Sage's musical training occurred while completing his Bachelor of Music Degree, Majoring in Jazz Performance, at McGill University (2000). Other training has included several years of private study (w/ Jordan O'Connor, Michel Donato, Alec Walkington, John Hebert, and others) as well as participation in numerous master classes and seminars, including a bass master class with Mark Dresser and participation in The International Jazz Workshop at The Banff Centre for the Arts (1999), where he played and studied with Dave Holland, Joe Lovano, Dave Douglas, and Kenny Werner.

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