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Modecom MC-140 Mobiles Headset Binaural im Ohr ...
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MC-140 is a high quality earphones with built-in microphone dedicated for use with mobile phones of different brands such as HTC®, BlackBerry® or Apple®. This product was designed for all mobile phones owners who are looking for convenient way listen to music and make hands free call. Headphones MC-140 are characterized by the modern and minimalist design. PUREST AND VERY SENSITIVE TO TALK MICROPHONE A characteristic feature of the headphones MC-140 is a high quality, purest sound. Due to the high frequency range you will experience a very clear soprano and powerful bass. Moreover, placed on the power cord sensitive microphone allow you for the high-quality conversation even during the situation when user is in a bus, tram or other public transport. DAMAGE RESISTANT RUBBER CABLE Broken earphones cord is a frequent experienced by the users problem. MC-140 headphones is equipped with the highest quality made of rubber coated material, which in different to conventional cord, is more resistant to breakage or mechanical damage. PRODUCT USER FRIENDLY For maximum comfort during use, the earphones MC-140 are equipped with a various user-friendly solutions. For example is placed on the cable volume control slider and microphone on/off button.

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