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A Perfect Circle
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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! A Perfect Circle is an American rock supergroup formed in 1999 by guitarist Billy Howerdel and Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan. The original incarnation of the band also included Paz Lenchantin on bass, Troy Van Leeuwen on guitar, and Tim Alexander on drums. The latest line-up featured Marilyn Manson bassist and former Nine Inch Nails bassist Jeordie White, former guitarist for The Smashing Pumpkins, James Iha, and session drummer Josh Freese, who is best known for his work with Nine Inch Nails and The Vandals. Despite having a varied cast since inception, the stylistic content of the songs has remained consistent with Howerdel as composer, and Keenan penning the lyrics. A Perfect Circle has released three albums: Mer de Noms, Thirteenth Step and Emotive. A CD-DVD set, Amotion, has also been released and contains thirteen music videos in addition to a number of song remixes created by Danny Lohner. The group has not recorded, toured or released any new material since its hiatus began in 2004.

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