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Since being formed in the summer of 2010, The High Bar Gang has been creating a unique spin on old time bluegrass. Their debut recording Lost and Undone: A Gospel Bluegrass Companion received extensive airplay in Europe and North America, garnering several award nominations including a JUNO Award nod in 2014 and earning them Vocal Group of the Year at the Canadian Folk Music Awards. Always at home playing in front of crowds, they were asked to open for Blue Rodeo and played before thousands at the Pan American Games in Toronto. Following on the heels of their acclaimed debut, The High Bar Gang return with their sophomore recording Someday The Heart Will Trouble The Mind. Music fans who enjoy good old fashioned heart wrenching cheatin and hurtin bluegrass will be enamoured. THE HIGH BAR GANG IS: Dave Barber banjo, mandolin, guitar and vocals, Rob Becker bass, Kirby Barber vocals, guitar and bass, Barney Bentall vocals and guitar, Wendy Bird vocals and guitar, Colin Nairne guitar, mandolin and vocals, Shari Ulrich vocals, fiddle and mandolin TRACKS: 1. Silver Dagger 2. Don t This Road Look Rough and Rocky 3. Branded Wherever I Go 4. Long Lonesome Highway Blues 5. Twenty Twenty Vision 6. Jailer Jailer 7. One I Love is Gone 8. How Many Times Have You Broken My Heart 9. Red Wicked Wine 10. Cold Rain and Snow 11. She s More to be Pitied 12. Rock Salt and Nails 13. I Still Miss Someone

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