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Guitarfish Adventures
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This exciting musical marine epic is about a guitarfish and his awesome band of sea creatures trying to tour without getting hooked by humans. Jimi Fin Licks leads The Flow on dangerous excursions in open water and on an eventful aquarium tour that ultimately relays a preservation message. The Flow hit the big time with the fun-key tune 'Blue Is the New Green.' Millions get the message at the Fishstock Festival! Cap'n Less is the pen name for author Jimmy Leslie. He is the former editor of Gig magazine, and a veteran contributor to Guitar Player and Bass Player magazines. He's interviewed everyone from Jack White (White Stripes) to Bootsy Collins (James Brown, P-Funk). Collins provided the forward Leslie's first work of fiction. Collins says: 'I dig Guitarfish Adventures because its two important messages. First, that funky music is an expression of one's true self. It creates a fun environment with the understanding that being different is cool. I'm honored to be the inspiration for Shugga the Manta Ray! The second note is that blue is indeed the new green. It's time to pay equal respect to all creatures-on land and underwater. We need to leave the world as funky as we found it for future generations.' Donald Ritter is the owner of Category 5 Amplification, which donates a portion of its proceeds to Gulf Coast restoration. He says: 'My 8-year-old daughter and I finished Guitarfish Adventures in about 20 minutes-perfect for a bedtime story. It was fun and engaging. Grace got the message that 'Blue Is the New Green,' and now has a whole new vocabulary about sustainable fishing, and environmental awareness. She was intrigued with the characters, and enjoyed the musical references as well. The first thing she wanted to do was have Jimi Fin Licks sign her guitar. Six months later, she had full recall of the story, and the message. I highly recommend this story to any parent who wants to spend a fun and informative 20 minutes with their child.'

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