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The Latin Smile
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Fire! Fever! Flame! Temperament! – these are the terms most often used to describe Latin American music. Each of us has at least once been electrified by these unmistakable rhythms, this joy of life and this „esprit“. The Latin Smile endeavours to capture the essence of this kind of music and to put its spirit down in notes. The piece consists of two themes – to be played now in unison, now in several voices – and of two interludes providing the musical setting for the themes. Rhythmical accuracy is a special qualification every musician has to fulfill to perform this composition. The complete piece is played fast and as hot as possible. Just imagine the following scenery : All the streets of the city are alive with people, everybody is singing and dancing, everywhere there is music; and never-ending is the night ... Instrumentation: 4 clarinets (3 clarinets in Bb and bass clarinet in Bb)

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