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American Beauties, photo book and 4 Audio-CDs
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American Beauties ist eine photographische Hommage an die Legenden der Straße. Und eine musikalische Liebeserklärung an ein Lebensgefühl, das seit den Fünfziger Jahren untrennbar mit den chromblitzenden Schönheiten verbunden ist. Steigen Sie ein zu einer faszinierenden Reise mit den legendären Ikonen der Straße, begleitet von Songs von u.a. Little Richard, Percy Sledge, The Drifters und Ben E. King.MUSIK-INHALT:American Beauties – He’s A Rebel1 The Crystals: He's A Rebel 2:17 064(Pitney) Super Songs Unlimited / Unichappell Music, Inc. (BMI)(0141372ERE/CD1/03)2 Little Richard: Tutti-Frutti 2:24 131(Labostrie, Lubin, Penniman) EMI Blackwood Music Inc. (BMI)(0149612ERE/01)3 The Shirelles: Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? (re.) 2:40 181(G. Goffin, C. King) Screen Gems - EMI Music Inc. (BMI)(0125042ERE/06)4 Gene Chandler: Duke Of Earl 2:24 050(Dixin, Sr. Edwards, Williams) Conrad Music (BMI)(0141372ERE/CD1/10)5 Fabian: Hound Dog Man 2:12 076(D. Pomus, M. Shuman) Music Corporation Of America / Hill & Range Songs (BMI)(CD 076/15)6 Percy Sledge: (Sittin` On) The Dock Of The Bay 2:34 185(Redding, Cropper) Irving Berlin Music Corp. (ASCAP)(0149612ERE/15)7 Del Shannon: Runaway 2:31 179(Shannon, Cook) Bug Music / Unichappell Music, Inc. (BMI)(0141372ERE/CD1/05)8 Tommy Roe: Sheila 2:10 171(Roe) Low-Twi Music Inc. (BMI)(0141372ERE/CD1/02)9 Crystals: Then He Kissed Me 2:35 064(Barry, Greenwich, Spector) Mother Bertha Maria Inc. / ABKCO Music Inc. / Trio Music Co. Inc.(0149612ERE/09)10 Betty Everett: The Shoop Shoop Song (It’s In His Kiss) 2:15 076(R. Clark) Trio Music Co, Inc. (BMI)(CD 076/11)11 Sandy Nelson: Let There Be Drums 2:27 149(Nelson, Polodor) EMI Unart Catalog Inc. (BMI)(0141372ERE/CD1/06)12 Jimmy Clanton: Go, Jimmy, Go 2:06 054(Pomus, Schuman) Hill & Range Songs (BMI)(CD 054/05)13 Ray Peterson: Tell Laura I Love Her 2:53 157(Barry, Raleigh) Edward B. Marks Music (BMI) / Music Sales Corp. (ASCAP)(0141372ERE/CD1/18)14 Lloyd Price: Stagger Lee 2:57 160(Price, L., Logan, H.) Irving Music, Inc. (BMI)(0141372ERE/CD1/13)15 Little Richard: Lucille 2:28 130(Penniman, Collins) EMI Blackwood Music Inc. (BMI)(0141372ERE/CD1/07)16 Chiffons: One Fine Day 2:18 053(G. Goffin, C. King) Screen Gems-EMI Music Inc. (BMI)(0149612ERE/07)17 Mary Wells: My Guy 2:48 226(Robinson) Jobete Music Co, Inc. (ASCAP)(0141372ERE/CD1/17)18 The Ad Libs: The Boy From New York City 2:56 002(Taylor, Davis) Trio Music Co, Inc. (BMI)(0141372ERE/CD1/16)American Beauties – Hey Baby!1 Lesley Gore: It's My Party 2:18 091(Gluck, Gold, Wiener) World Song Publishing Inc. (ASCAP)(0149612ERE/11)2 The Drifters: Save The Last Dance For Me 2:36 ???(Pomus, Shuman) Manor Music Co.Ltd.(0141372ERE/CD1/19)3 Bruce Channel: Hey Baby! 2:23 050(Channel, Cobb) EMI Unart Catalog Inc. / Le Bill Music Inc. (BMI)(0149612ERE/20)4 Wanda Jackson: Let's Have A Party 2:20 113(Robinson) MPL Communications Inc. (ASCAP)(0141372ERE/CD1/04)5 Carl Dobkins jr.: My Heart Is An Open Book 2:16 ???(Robinson) Casa David Music/Emily Music Publishing Corp. (ASCAP)(CD 070/06)6 Swinging Blue Jeans: Hippy Hippy Shake 1:48 205(Romero) Jonware Music Corp. / Careers-BMG Music Publishing (BMI)(0149612ERE/06)7 Fabian: Tiger 2:31 076(Jones) Music Corporation of America / Screen Gems-EMI Music Inc. (BMI)(0149612ERE/03)8 Foundations: Build Me Up Buttercup 2:59 082(D'Abo, McCaulay) EMI Unart Catalog Inc. / BMG Songs Inc. (BMI)(0149612ERE/10)9 Tremeloes: Here Comes My Baby 2:55 215(Stevens) Angusa Music Co. Ltd. / Mainstay Music Inc. (BMI)(0149612ERE/17)10 Bobby Rydell: Wild One 02:21 176(D. Appell, K. Mann, B. Lowe) Lowe Music Publishing Corp. (ASCAP)(CD 176/05)11 Drifters: Sweets For My Sweet 2:40 074(Pomus, Shuman) Trio Music Co. Inc. / Hill & Range Songs (BMI)(0149612ERE/16)12 Trini Lopez: La Bamba – Part 1 4:24 135(Lopez) Songs Of PolyGram International Inc. (BMI)(0149612ERE/19)13 The Coasters: Poison Ivy 2:44 056(Leiber, Stoller) Jerry Leiber Music / Mike Stoller Music (ASCAP)(0141372ERE/CD1/12)14 Chubby Checker: Let's Twist Again 2:24 052(Mann, Appell) Kalmann Music Inc. (ASCAP)(0149612ERE/04)15 The Drifters: There Goes My Baby (re.) 2:12 074(Nelson, Patterson, Treadwell) Rightsong Music Co. / Jot Corp., (BMI)(0125042ERE/03)16 Cleftones: Heart and Soul 01:46 054(H. Carmichael, F. Loesser) Famous Music Publishing Co. (ASCAP)(CD 054/14)17 Little Richard: Send Me Some Lovin' (re.) 2:27 130(J. Marascalco, L. Price) EMI Blackwood Music Inc. (BMI)(0125042ERE/18)18 The Diamonds: Little Darlin' (re.) 2:11 068(Williams) AVI Music Publishing Group Inc. (BMI)(0125042ERE/10)American Beauties – Only You1 Ben E. King: Stand By Me (re.) 3:00 122(King, J., Leiber, J., Stoller, M.) Jerry Leiber Music / Mike Stoller Music (ASCAP) / Hill & Range Songs (BMI)(0125042ERE/07)2 Brook Benton: It's Just A Matter Of Time (re.) 2:32 024(B. Benton, B. Hendricks, C. Otis) Hudson Bay Music Co. / Trio Music Co. Inc., Eden Music (BMI)(0125042ERE/14)3 Robert Knight: Everlasting Love 2:51 123(Cason, Gayden) Rising Suns Music Inc. (BMI)(0149612ERE/08)4 The Shangri-Las: Give Him A Great Big Kiss 2:10 179(G. Morton) Screen Gems - EMI Music Inc. / Tender Tunes Inc. / Trio Music Co. Inc. (BMI)(0125042ERE/09)5 Tina Turner: Stand By Your Man (re.) 2:44 215(B. Sherrill, T. Wynette) EMI Al Gallico Music Corp. (BMI)(0125042ERE/11)6 Wayne Fontana: A Groovy Kind Of Love (re.) 2:02 083(Sager, Wine) Sceen Gems-EMI Music, Inc. (BMI)(0125042ERE/08)7 Frankie Avalon: Just Ask Your Heart 2:29 009(P. Damato, D. De Nota, J. Ricci) Rambed Music Publishing (BMI) / Music Corporation Of America(0125042ERE/17)8 The Association: Cherish (re.) 3:23 006(Kirkman) Beechwood Music Corp. (BMI)(0125042ERE/12)9 The Platters: Only You (And You Alone) (re.) 2:38 160(B. Ram, A. Rand) Hollis Music Inc. / Screen Gems-EMI Music Inc. (BMI)(0125042ERE/02)10 Jewel Akens: So This Is Love 2:20 003(Howard, Newman) Pattern Music Inc. / MCA Music Publishing (ASCAP)(0125042ERE/05)11 Clarence "Frogman" Henry: (I Don't Know Why) But I Do 2:18 098(Guidry, Gayten) ARC Music Corp. (BMI)(0141372ERE/CD1/14)12 Bobby Vee: More Than I Can Say 2:25 219(Curt, Allison) Peermusic (UK) Limited(0141372ERE/CD1/08)13 Shirelles: Dedicated To The One I Love 2:18 181(Bass, Pauling) Duchess-MCA Music Publishing / Fort Knox Music Inc. / Trio Music(0149612ERE/14)14 Skeeter Davis: The End Of The World 2:40 068(Dee, Kent) Edward Proffitt Music / Music Sales Corp. (ASCAP)(0149612ERE/13)15 Betty Everett & Jerry Butler: Let it Be Me 02:51 076(G. Becaud, M. Curtis, Delanoe) MCA Music Publishing Co. (ASCAP) / SDRM(CD 076/12)16 The Platters: Smoke Gets In Your Eyes 2:36 160(Kern, Harbach) PolyGram International Publishing Inc. (ASCAP)(0141372ERE/CD1/15)17 Percy Sledge: When A Man Loves A Woman (re.) 2:55 185(C. Lewis, A.Wright) Pronto Music Inc. / Quincy Music Inc. (BMI)(0125042ERE/04)18 The Bachelors: Whispering 02:28 010(Coburn, R., Rose, V., Schonberger, J.) Public Domain(CD 010/10)American Beauties – Surf City1 Jan & Dean: Surf City 02:30 118(J. Berry, B. Wilson) Screen-Gems-EMI Music Inc. (BMI)(CD 118/05)2 Jimmy Clanton: Venus In Blue Jeans 2:18 054(Greenfield, Sedaka) Screen Gems-EMI Music Inc. / Careers-BMG Songs (BMI)(0149612ERE/12)3 The Drifters: Saturday Night At The Movies 2:36 074(Mann, Weil) Screen Gems-EMI Music Ltd(0141372ERE/CD1/01)4 The Elegants: Little Star (re.) 2:43 075(Picone, Venosa) ABZ Music Corp. (BMI)(0125042ERE/19)5 The Marcels: Blue Moon 2:09 ???(Hart, Rogers) EMI Robbins Catalog Inc. (ASCAP)(0141372ERE/CD1/09)6 Pat Boone: Love Letters In The Sand (re.) 2:21 028(F. Coots, C. Kenny, N. Kenny) Bourne Co.(ASCAP)(0125042ERE/01)7 Pat Boone: Speedy Gonzales 2:38 028(Kaye, Hill, Lee) Bienstock Publishing Co. / Larry Spier Inc. (ASCAP) / Budd Music(0149612ERE/18)8 Chubby Checker: Popeye the Hitchhiker 02:31 052(Mann, Appell) Kalmann Music Inc. (ASCAP)(CD 052/14)9 Sam and Dave: Soul Man 02:38 176(I. Hayes, D. Porter) Walden Music Inc. / Almo Music Corporation (ASCAP)(CD 176/18)10 Frankie Ford: Sea Cruise 2:45 083(Smith) Cotillion Music Inc. (BMI)(0149612ERE/05)11 Spanky and Our Gang: Lazy Day 03:07 188(Fischoff, Powers) Scren Gems-EMI Music, Inc. (BMI)(CD 188/17)12 Paul Evans: Seven Little Girls Sitting in the Back Seat 02:13 076(Hillard, Pockruss) Post Music (BMI)(CD 076/10)13 Bobby Sherman: Bubble Gum and Braces 02:07 182(Justin, Sherman) Not Needy Just Greedy Music (BMI)(CD 182/07)14 Four Preps: Down by the Station 02:35 083(Belland, Larson) Beechwood Music Corp. (BMI)(CD 083/06)15 Jimmy Clanton: Just A Dream 02:26 054(Clanton, Matassa) Carbert Music, Inc. (BMI)(CD 054/06)16 Del Shannon: Little Town Flirt (re.) 2:50 179(Cook, Shannon) Bug Music / Mole Hole Music / Unichappell Music Inc. (BMI)(0125042ERE/15)17 Hank Ballard: Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go 02:34 010(Ballard) Fort Knox Music Inc. / Trio Music Co, Inc. (BMI)(CD 010/14)18 Danny & The Juniors: At The Hop 2:40 066(Singer, Medora, White) ARC Music Corp. / Six Continents Music (BMI)(0149612ERE/02)All titles: With courtesy of Dominion Entertainment Inc. (A K-Tel Company)(P) Dominion Entertainment, Inc.(C) 2003 edel CLASSICS GmbH

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